Sunday, November 1, 2020

The Industrial Revolution Hits Bath Time

In the late 19th Century, spas and therapeutic baths were all the rage.  Industrial scale technology and methods crept into the process in interesting ways, and that's the theme of today's series.  The equipment, methods, and in a couple of cases, the men in these photos are "industrial strength."
We start with an assembly line type operation combining tubs, showers, and buckets.



  1. Les hommes de cette époque semblaient très à l'aise dans leur nudité, je trouve ça charmant !
    The men of that time seemed very comfortable in their nudity, I find that charming!

  2. Love the tan lines on the man with his feet in the bucket.

    1. I hadn't notice the great tan lines, probably because I was wishing I had a job in that place, lol.