Sunday, November 1, 2020

This is a German spa from 1900, and there are two interesting things in the picture.  
First, there's a picture of what looks like a Catholic Cardinal on the wall, 
and second, there's a guy bending over some kind of rack.



  1. According to the text on the lower corner it is the so called Kneipp hydrotherapy developed in Bavaria by Father Sebastian Kneipp (check, the image on the wall is very similar to the photo in the wiki article.
    Few years ago I wisiteed in Bavaria and in at least one town a found a local park with grass/stone paths and small pools to be used on the kneipp cures.
    The bending man is NOT getting an enema, you can see a black hose in the middle of his back.

    1. Thanks for contribution this very interesting information. I'm hoping to visit Bavaria myself once the pandemic mess is sorted out.