Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Dick Larkin appears to be knighting Gary Lee in this Don Whitman-WPG picture.



  1. Neither Mr. Larkin nor Sir Gary appears to be super-developed, but it really does not matter, does it? The overall effect is pleasant and both men are easy on the eye. And again, no oil?

    1. This photographer started out actually organizing bodybuilding competitions which provided a natural pool of models. Only later did he start to photograph less developed men, and he was generally on the light side if he used oil.

  2. Cute, great fun. Good to see less built guys.

  3. I knew before I opened the comments there would be a mention of their less than stellar size. As a man in my youth who saw many males nude in a locker room setting including college, this is closer to the majority of men in real life. It gives it a real feel that makes them *more* attractive. Nice little thatches around the roots too.