Monday, December 14, 2020

Like other muscle men before him, Kent Kuehn appeared as a beefcake boy toy in 
entertainment venues.  In his case, it was Mitzi Gaynor on TV in the 70's, but the practice goes 
all the way back to Mae West  who featured bodybuilders Kip Behar, Mickey Hartigay, 
Joe Gold, Reg Lewis, and Dick DuBois in her bawdy review.  Trivia note:  Jayne Mansfield 
spotted Hartigay in West's 1956 show, asked to meet  him, and ended up marrying him.



  1. The man in front on the left kind of looks like Sylvester Stallone.

  2. I have heard there's a nude photo of Mickey Hargitay, but I haven't seen it. /r/ anyone? (Ah, my chanspeak.)

    Yeah, bodybuilders at the time were seen as basically high-end male hookers by Hollywood's elites. But the key there is high-end. A woman could appear with a bodybuilder on each arm, a man could have bodybuilders at a party which signaled he was gay (and more likely to suck or circle jerk than be sucked) but somehow the stigma was less than other gay signals? Young men could admire bodybuilders and still be plausibly straight.

    If that seems weird, remember that for a long time, male nude models were athletes while female nude models were hookers. A double standard is born!

    1. I did not know any of that. Thanks for enlightening me. But why the assumption that he'd rather suck than be sucked? And did the bodybuilders jack off and get blown?

    2. It was generally felt that tops were straight due to it being more "manly". So, as long as your mouth and anus remained unpenetrated, i.e. topping, getting sucked, jerking off together, dry humping,you were still seen as a man, though you should see it as just unloading your balls, possibly for money or other compensation. You also shouldn't kiss or give anything to the bottoms.

      In gay culture itself, anal aficionados were derided as "brownie queens". Oral was more popular back then.

    3. That was quite a lesson. It's interesting to think a guy could get blown, cock jerked, or mount another guy's ass, and still be considered hetero. I'd lose...I could suck on this guy's meat or take him up my ass or pump him off all fucking night. He's handsome as hell.