Thursday, December 10, 2020

Nudist resorts tended to attract Bohemian types, such as this unusual 
bearded fellow, but they drew the line at hippies for the most part.



  1. This guy really revs my engine.

  2. Why did they being open-minded, as hippies were, draw the line at hippies? is it something to do with children being at naturist camps and thus wanting to avoid drugs, and the spectacle of free-love amongst adults?

    1. All of the above? There was a big push among nudists at that time to be seen as legitimate, middle class types who enjoyed nudity in a wholesome way. Hippies, rightly or wrongly, just didn't fit the image. Oddly, I've heard accounts of hippie girls being welcome at times while men almost never were. Of course, most nudist groups had strict restrictions on the numbers of single men they admitted anyway.