Monday, December 7, 2020

This is an Australian nudist on a beach,
his hat is a wise precaution against sunstroke.



  1. Il y a un proverbe en français qui dit que le ridicule ne tue pas... Je pense que tous ces hommes seraient morts depuis longtemps :-)
    Pour moi cette photo est la seule d'un vrai nudiste, en effet, quand je pratiquais ou que je pratique le nudisme, je retire tout ce qui peut m'habiller ou m'orner, bijoux montre, etc... Vivre nu sans aucun artifice, c'est cela aussi la pratique du vrai nudisme ou naturisme...
    There is a proverb in French that says that ridicule does not kill ... I think all these men would have died a long time ago :-)
    For me this photo is the only one of a true nudist, in fact, when I practiced or that I practice nudism, I remove everything that can dress or adorn me, jewelry shows, etc ... Living naked without no artifice, this is also the practice of true nudism or naturism ...

  2. Another cool posting, Jerry. Nice to see some regular guys naked. Don't get me wrong, I really like the hunks, but regular guys are fun to see as well. Thanks, brother.