Sunday, January 10, 2021

Denny Denfield's Private Scrapbook, Compliments of Bryan B.

Thanks to the generous help of blog viewer and now collaborator, Bryan B., today I am pleased to feature some relatively rare and unusual photos from Denny Denfield's private scrapbook.
Denny (1918-1992) was a civilian accountant who worked for the U.S. Army following his World War II service.  Mr. Denfield is better known, however, as perhaps the greatest amateur physique photographer ever.  Born Lloyd Orrin Denfeld, he changed the spelling of his surname to Denfield when it was used in reference to his hobby.  He worked with some of the greatest of the postwar models such as Norm Tousley, Andy Kozak, Bob Mucci, Art Ullrich, John Winship, and others.  Today, however, we will enjoy photos of unknown men, some of whom were probably recruited by Denny during his legendary forays into areas where nudity was tolerated.  Those trips evolved in to beer parties that became legendary in physique photography circles.  If this photo reminds you of Bruce of LA, keep reading the captions for more on that interesting subject.
My sincerest thanks go to Bryan B. for sharing with me what I now consider to be treasures.


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