Sunday, January 10, 2021

Before you jump on Bryan and me to tell us that this is an AMG photo, and not by 
Denny Denfield, pause and consider this.  When Bryan first sent me this picture, 
I noticed the trademark Bob Mizer projected background effect, so I told him about
 it.  Bryan replied that he didn't know how that photo got into the wrong file folder, 
and we had an email chuckle because we've both had that happen before.  I soon learned, 
however, that there is a well documented history of Mr. Denfield having known and 
collaborated with Bob Mizer of AMG, Bruce Bellas (aka Bruce of LA), and Alonzo 
Hanagan (aka Lon of New York).  There are even photos in the AMG archives taken by 
Denny of the background scenes at a Mizer photo shoot.  There are also lingering stories 
out there of how Denny Denfield did published, but unattributed, work for some
 of the great physique studios.  So this might well be a Denfield after all.


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