Sunday, January 3, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


***Frequently Asked Questions***

Q:        How do you come up with all these different themes?

A:        I have over 47,000 vintage nude photos and 16,000 more I call “G-rated, but sexy or interesting.”  I have a natural tendency to organize my collections, so it was easy to group them into categories that work for subjects.  Having said that, some of my best theme ideas have come from viewer requests, and I thoroughly enjoy working on those.  Don’t be bashful.  Tell me what you like.

Q:       Why don’t you post action porn?  Surely you have some.

A:       Yes, I have some, but I didn’t want this to be just another porn blog.  You can find that elsewhere, so I try to present a spectrum of the incredible variety of ways that men’s bodies have been shown off through the ages. 

Q:        How do you manage to post something every single day?

A:        Well, I don’t.  Yes, you see something “new” every day, but I don’t work on the blog every day.  Google Blogger and my previous platform, the lamented tumblr, have a queueing function that allows bloggers to prepare posts that appear on a schedule.  I get enthusiastic on certain days and may produce a week’s worth of material or more.  Other times, I goof off for quite a while.  I may prepare up to a month’s posts in advance if I am going on vacation because I like breaks, also because the tablet I use when traveling isn’t equipped for all the work, particularly post editing.  Typically, I try to keep about two weeks’ worth of posts in the can.

Q:        How can I find my favorite theme, model, or photographer?

A:        Themes are found along the right side of the home page as a list of “Labels.”  Other blogging platforms call them tags, so it’s a little different here.  Most of the major photographers have their own label, but there are so many models that only a select few have labels.  To find the models without labels or any other key word or phrase, there is a search window at the bottom of the label list.

Q:        How can I comment on a post?

A:        Three lines below the caption for each post there is a comment function, and it works.  Until someone has actually made a comment, however, it says “No Comments.”  To some that implies that no comments are allowed, and this is one of the things I don’t like about the Google Blogger system.  In order to make an initial comment, one has to click or tap on “No Comments,” and the comment form appears.  Once a comment has been made “No Comments” is replaced by “1 Comment.”  To join in, just click or tap on that and a form appears that allows either a reply or a new comment to be made.

Q:        Do you enjoy viewer comments?

A:        Yes, I do.  I read every one of them because I have the system set to send me an email whenever one is made.  I especially enjoy some of the great information provided by commentators and the intelligent conversations that sometimes result.  I have a generally civilized following, so I do not screen comments before they appear.  I do, however, on rare occasions delete comments which I find offensive or hurtful toward others.

Q:        Do you reply to comments and messages you get through the contact form?

A:        I generally reply to or at least acknowledge comments unless they are on the level of a grunt or wolf whistle.  Examples of such comments would be “Great nuts!” or “I’d like to have a go at him.”  Get too graphic with the sexual stuff, and I might delete it.  I reply to all the private messages, even if it’s just to say that I don’t choose to have that sort of conversation.  I have learned a lot and made friends with some great people by answering those contacts, so please do not hesitate to write.  Some have reported problems getting the contact form to work with certain email services, but repeat messages tend to get through.  If that doesn’t work, leave me a comment somewhere saying you’re having trouble, and I’ll try to help.

Q:        Do you have a favorite type of vintage photos?

A:        My favorite type would undoubtedly have to be candid photos of soldiers and sailors swimming, showering, or just goofing off in wartime.  There’s something that touches me deep inside when I see these young men having a moment of fun when they often didn’t know if they would even be alive from one day to the next.

Q:       Why do you post photos of German soldiers from World War II who might have been war criminals?

A:        That’s a legitimate question and a complex issue.  The SS were the worst offenders, but the Wehrmacht (regular army) was used for some horrible operations, too.  A lot, perhaps most, of the Wehrmacht men were conscripts who would have preferred to be back home at their regular jobs or just about anywhere else.  On a purely statistical basis, most of the men in these pictures were not criminals, but some almost certainly were.  I post these photos fully aware that there’s a dark side not shown in those moments.

Q:        Do you have a favorite photographer?

A:        That would have to be Doug Juleff, better known as Douglas of Detroit.  He was artistic, he was groundbreaking, he was technically expert . . . and he paid an awful price for doing what we now consider to be art.  His short career spanned the years from about 1950 to 1958 when the Detroit Police arrested him and harassed some of his models.  Described by the exceptional male nude photographer Don Whitman (Western Photography Guild) as “a real treasure,” there is none better in my opinion.  Here is a good bio: .

Q:        How about a favorite model?

A:        That would have to be the immortal Tony Sansone.  Honorable mention goes to  Norm Tousley, Andy Kozak, Bill Derrick, Jerry Rocco, John Gallagher, Tom De Carlo, and Joe Tiffenbach,

Q:        Which physique photographers do you wish that you had more photos by?

A:        John Arnt of Seattle and John Graham of London come immediately to mind, but there are others such as Ralph Kelly, Clifford Oettinger, Dick Falcon, Frank Collier, Gebbe, and the Ritter Brothers.

Q:        Where do you find all these pictures?

A:        Mostly via internet searches of various sorts, but I also get submissions from viewers.  I sometimes borrow material from other bloggers, and I try to credit them when I do.  In the last days before tumblr banned nudity, I downloaded a lot of pictures from blogs there that no longer exist, so it’s hard to credit those.  And to be honest, things were so crazy there at the end that I didn’t always record the sources.  I wish Google Blogger had a “reblog” button like some other platforms.  That makes it simple and easy to credit borrowed sources.

                                If you have more questions, ask via the comments or contact form.                              


  1. I SO agree with you on Blogger having a "Reblog" button. It would make things so much easier at times. Readers don't always appreciate the efforts blogger go through. So, allow me to thank you for the time and careful way you create your posts.

    1. Thank you! As a fellow blogger, your appreciation of my efforts means a lot.

  2. I follow your blog daily and really enjoy not only the photos but any of the accompanying comments. This posting was interesting to read about how you go about your prep and posting. Thanks!

  3. Hi
    The theme of your blog is cult and respectful, anyone can see it, it's not porn it's archived art.

  4. Just a huge thank you for all your hard work generating this superb blog. Always interesting and informative. As you say, a civilised following. Who often make enlightened and knowledgeable comments. The broad range is wonderful, truly celebrating the subtle eroticism of the male form.

    1. Thanks for your comment, and I appreciate your long term participation.

    2. My pleasure. I love the way you encompass the amazing variety of men.