Saturday, February 27, 2021

As promised, I'm ending with an identified model.  Many of you have seen this photo of Vic Seipke before, but it's always worth another look.  I'm posting it today because a helpful viewer, Jim in Florida, requested a low hanger series and sent this image which is better quality than the one I already had.  Thanks, Jim! 



  1. Indeed Jerry , we never get enough of this sublime photo ...

  2. The lighting is wonderful, but that really isn't the point, is it? I don't think I have seen this pic anywhere. Everything about him is appealing.

  3. He is still alive and living in Florida, per Facebook. Even clothed and, I'm guessing, in his 80s.....still has it.

    1. Yes indeed looking good at 80+, and if you click on the "Vic Seipke" tag at the lower right of the main page, some previous posts featuring him will come up. One of those shows him and his wife looking at some of his old magazine covers in a fairly recent picture.