Friday, February 26, 2021

Middle Aged (and older) Day, Part 1 - More Nudists

One thing (among many) that I respect about nudist culture is their acceptance of people
 of all ages.  For the first part of a double feature on men "of a certain age," I will feature 
some older nudist men, starting with this very happy looking guy.



  1. Before Covid, I used to run several naked 5K races each year. Last year, I really missed my trips to the various nudist resorts where the races are held. The majority of the guys at the resorts look like the guys you are featuring today. However, the 5K races attract a number of younger and fitter men (and women). I received an email yesterday announcing that a race in Texas will be held in late April. I'm sending in my race registration form today. So life at nudist resorts is getting back to normal (although masks are still required in the clubhouse). I always love when you post a series on nudists. The photos remind me of the nudist resorts I visit. Without exception, they are filled with happy and very broad minded people.

    1. Hi, Dylan! So glad to hear that you will be able to enjoy your nudist pastime going forward. Thanks for sharing your experience and news.