Thursday, March 18, 2021

Al Urban took publicity and magazine photos for a number of competitive bodybuilders, and this unknown model certainly might have been one.  I have searched unsuccessfully to figure out who he might have been.  The oil here is a bit excessive, but the man and the photo impress well.
Edited to add:  Frequent behind the scenes blog collaborator and contributor Bryan B. sent me an email identifying this model as Louis Abele, and that's right.  A version of this photo with painted in white trunks made the cover of Strength and Health magazine in 1940.  Thanks, Bryan!



  1. Wow...this is lovely. This unknown man clearly proud and happy to display his hard work. Again rather beautifully modest and intact. I do hope he did other modelling work.

    1. Still no clue as to who he is. I was hoping a viewer might know.