Thursday, March 18, 2021

Did Al Urban have a thing for "small ones?"

Bob Mizer of AMG has been famously quoted as saying, "Al Urban has made a good living for years photographing men with the smallest dicks in New York."  Although an examination of Mr. Urban's portfolio might well make us think so, there's no real proof the he went out of his way to accomplish that.  We start today's series with a rather stiff and formally posed Ludwig Shusterich.



  1. Buried under all that may not be all that small.

  2. NY is colder than LA, could that be the reason?

  3. Let’ just hope they were all “growers.”

  4. I rather like the almost 19th century style of this pose. The crimped hair, the classical stance, smooth oiled body implying polished marble. So Ludwig's modest/natural and intact appendage nicely balances his body. Perhaps a bush trim?

    1. Urban was among the earliest physique photographers in its "golden age" from 1940-1965, actually having started in the 1930's. So he wasn't that far from the 19th C. when he started.