Friday, May 21, 2021

Leopard skin

Durieu used the leopard skin (I'm pretty sure that in 1854 it would have been real) in a
number of photos of this model, who appears to be glaring off to the side.
Disclosure:  I removed yellowing and sharpened the monochrome contrast.



  1. Jerry, in all these pictures, the man's face looks like it has coal dust on it. I wonder if it isn't some sort of burn scar. Or could it be a technical fault?

    1. Probably technical. Remember, these were made at the very dawning of the age of photography. I had to use software to make this one as clear as it is. Also, it may be something as simple as the possibility that he worked outdoors fully clothed, and only his face got tanned.

  2. It's funny how trash I normally think leopard print is, mostly because underwear, but this works.