Monday, June 7, 2021

James Jackson

I like the honesty of James Jackson not sucking in his belly,
and the full beard is a bit of a treat, too.



  1. Handsome guy, lovely full beard and yes it's nice that it's a natural pose. My favourite from this series.

  2. Athletes and strong men aside, there was a fashion in Victorian times for men to be, by our standards today, large to the point of obesity. If you were well built, it sent the message that you had enough money to eat, you were fit, you were robust and you were a "man of substance". This is reflected by Charles Dickens who names the large and imposing Mr Bumble - the cruel, pompous beadle of the poorhouse where the orphaned Oliver is raised - played by the equally large Sir Harry Secombe to perfection in the film Oliver (1968), to the fabulous score by Lionel Bart. The young gentleman above clearly wishes to be seen as a "man about town" who has ambitions to become a "man of substance".

    1. True about the Victorian portly look for well off males. Some of Eakins' student models were so thin they were scary, though, and they mostly came from upper crust families.