Friday, June 4, 2021


Thorak created this impressive piece for the Berlin Olympics of 1936.  The photographer conveniently included a woman for scale.  Speaking of convenient . . . or inconvenient . . . women, Thorak ditched his Jewish wife shortly after the Nazis came to power and started giving him commissions.  She wisely left Germany after the divorce and survived the war.  She outlived Thorak himself, too.



  1. It seems obvious that he was going for the classic Greek type of sculpture, especially with the noticeably undersized groin area. It would appear that Thorak was trying to emphasize the scale and athletic nature of the statue as a symbol for the Olympic Games rather than an obvious piece of art. It's also interesting that this statue doesn't have the overly developed bodybuilder look as so many of his statues have. It would be interesting to know who his models were.

    1. You're right about this work having a less exaggerated body build, and that may be why it's my favorite of his sculptures.