Friday, June 4, 2021

Sent to Paris

This is perhaps Thorak's best known work, "Comradeship."  It appeared at the German pavilion at the Paris World Fair in 1937.  Presumably, it was returned to Germany after the fair, but I haven't been able to find out what its eventual fate might have been.  A lot of Thorak and Breker's sculptures were either destroyed by Allied bombing or by denazification  proceedings after the war.



  1. Je n'ai jamais très bien compris. Le nazisme condamnait l'homosexualité, mais trouvait normal d'exhiber des sculptures monumentales avec des hommes nus très souvent très suggestives!
    A part ça Jerry, mon prochain livre aura pour point de départ, le III è Reich
    I never quite understood. Nazism condemned homosexuality, but found it normal to exhibit monumental sculptures with naked men very often very suggestive!
    Apart from that Jerry, my next book will start from the Third Reich

  2. Breathtaking statuary! Too bad he didn't donate this to a Parisian museum. Although it probably would have suffered the same fate as most of his other work.

    1. I'd love to find out who his models were. I'm sure that some of them were bodybuilders.

    2. I haven't been able to find out any information on Thorak's models, never mind photos of them.

    3. I found a website that identified one of his models as the boxing champion Max Schmeling.

    4. That would make perfect sense, Tom. Thanks!

  3. Thorak and Breker used college students for their models, none were bodybuilders. Most of them had normal to athletic builds. (Saw images in a book)
    -Rj in the IE