Sunday, June 20, 2021

What a difference a decade makes, Part 2 - Going all out

Although some obscenity laws were loosened as early as 1962, things didn't get cranking until about 1967-68.  At that point everybody and his little brother with a camera and a trollop willing to pose got into the gay nude photo business.  Well, it wasn't that bad, but literally dozens of publications came and went in rapid succession, leaving behind some interesting titles and models.  We start with Cock Sure, and yes it was for real.  I checked.



  1. He has a lot to be sure of and a good reason to be sure of it.

  2. I figured the definition of a trollope was someone who was ALWAYS ready, willing and able. The exchange of money was a given.

    1. Well, sometimes an expensive night out will do, but one should always have one's ATM card at the ready when dealing with trollops.