Friday, July 2, 2021

Finnish Soldiers

Military photos have a good following here on the blog, and the SA-Kuva Archive has provided a lot of my favorites of that type.  This group of Finnish soldiers has just found a mobile sauna in the forest, and the previous occupants have apparently left them a note.  I'd love to know what it said.



  1. I have several pics from So-Kuva from the Russo-Finnish war. AKA The Winter War.
    It's fascinating to see these men grabbing a few hours of comradery knowing what a struggle they were involved in. A war often ignored because when Finland asked for help against Stalin, the only country that responded was Germany. And they reluctantly accepted. Tiny Finland gave Stalin a good punch in the nose. Their soldiers were amazingly tough and resourceful.

    1. The Finns eventually threw the Germans out and made a separate peace, keeping their independence. Amazing history!

  2. Very beautiful photos in these series