Sunday, August 22, 2021

Horizontal Helmut

European favorite model Helmut Riedmeyer posed for Barrington in this photo that is way above average.  Helmut is quite engaged with the camera and pleases in every way.  Mr. Riedmeyer was alive and well in Hamburg the last time I checked, posting about his grandchildren on Facebook.



  1. Great photo of Helmut. Great body and so handsome! Uve been a fan of his since 1960s when he was featured in YOUNG PHYSIQUE man, Very Hot Guy! Mike P. 8/22

  2. Ah, a smiling model! I can't help but liking that. He's built beautifully, too. May I be so bold as to ask about his circumcision status? Europeans usually are not. Did he just skin back for this shot?

    1. Helmut is frequently seen smiling, and he is not circumcised. The last I heard, he was alive and well in Hamburg, posting photos of his grandchildren on Facebook.