Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Mighty Mystery Men

Today is another of those occasions where I'm asking you viewers to help identify some great models for whom I have no names.  A few of them have clues as to the photographers, so that may help, and they all look like they could have been competitive bodybuilders or at least gym attendees.
We start with a hairy guy photographed from a dramatic angle.  It worked.



  1. I think I saw this male on another blog and he was unidentified there, too. Could he have been a "one-shot" model, only one session?

    1. Actually he was quite busy at one point. See the comments below.

  2. Replies
    1. What a great view! I thought that this was Dakota / Ken Sprague. Blond, hairy and muscular; he is stunning.

      Mr. Sprague is now 76 and has a fascinating life story. Bodybuilder, Colt model, gay film star and producer, owner of Gold's Gym in Venice, LA, author and maths and science teacher for almost 20 years in Oregon and Georgia, husband and father of three children. An eventful life to say the least!


  3. Si j'avais eu la chance de le croiser, je lui aurais demandé son nom avant qu'il ne me quitte! ;-)
    If I had had the chance to meet him, I would have asked him his name before he left me! ;-)

  4. What A Hunk! Male God Perfection Mike P. 8/13