Saturday, September 4, 2021


No. 9504 here closely resembles what many of us would would consider in good shape for a modern guy,  but he's actually heavier appearing than the average guy in my collection of these photos.



  1. He doesn't look too happy, either.

  2. Rather unspectacular in every aspect. I'm wondering what the medical rationale was for all of these photos. These photos weren't for Playgirl or artists renderings. It had to be for social sciences/medical research, like Kinsey.

    1. Kinsey, who appeared on the scene about a decade later, would likely have interviewed all the recruits on their sexual histories. That would have been far more interesting than trying to correlate body type to personality, intelligence, etc.

  3. Actually, Kinsey was conducting his interviews during this time and later. His research, for his famous scale, was over 10 years before it was published. During this time (until the 80's), homosexuality was considered a mental illness that was seldom cured. Like schizophrenia. There were some mental health clowns who tried to correlate homosexuality to certain body types.