Sunday, October 24, 2021

Second Place

 Second place goes to Dennis Christensen

You'd be surprised how many men named Dennis Christensen lived in Salt Lake City at the same time as our second place winner.  Oh, and at least four of them were about the same age.  I finally found these three yearbook images from Salt Lake West High School that appear to be the right Dennis.  He won second place in the 1956 Mr. Utah competition while probably under age.  The left side is 1956, while the other two were from 1957.  I suspect, however, that given the usual practice, they were taken in the 1955 and 1956 portions of the school year.  The center photo shows him in a track warmup suit, but is clearly labeled "Weight Men."  It gives no real indication of what Dennis would look like in the following photo from September, 1957:

Could he possibly have looked like that under his warmups?  Or did he bulk up over the spring and summer?  Having been this well developed, I find it amazing that he doesn't seem to have won any other major titles.  That didn't keep him from modeling, however:

Bruce of LA took this stunning photo on the shores of Great Salt Lake.

Taken in the same spot as the preceding photo, this Bruce picture is about as racy as Dennis Christensen's modeling work got.  I've looked and looked for frontal shots with no luck.

That's Mr. Utah winner Mike Sill on the right with Dennis, 
and I wonder if they were playing a game of paper, scissors, rock.


  1. Mr. Christensen certainly bulked up well. That is an impressive physique. Shame there are no frontal shots of him but the colour photo of him is stunning. He was a really good looking guy too.


    1. The most amazing thing to me is that he apparently did all this while still in high school.

  2. That last photograph is wonderful. Although posed it does look natural. Oh if it were full length.