Wednesday, December 15, 2021


Two period accents stand out in this Playgirl photo of Richard Burke Davis. 
First, that underwear is odd and should provoke a comment from Calorman.
Second, the reel to reel sound system is probably now a museum piece.



  1. That is a "kangaroo pouch" boxer brief which was developed from a full seat sports brief designed by Bike - and others - to take a cup (British box) for contact sports. It was essentially a jockstrap with a seat. Briefs and boxer briefs with this style of opening were fashionable for a short period in the early 1980s on the American market but I do not recall them in Britain. Oddly, they took off in France - where there is just as much a culture of male lingerie as female and men tend to buy their own underwear. I remember them still available into the 1990s. Men's underwear in America and Britain at this point was essentially brief, and the bikini - with no opening - had been very successfully marketed, so I think this must have been very much a novelty item.

  2. I had a TEAC tape deck like that in college. Does that make me a museum piece, too?

    1. I once was told that anything over 50 years old could be considered an antique. My favorite all-time roadside sign was in Bali and said "Antiques Made to Order."