Wednesday, December 15, 2021


Dark, moody lighting was something one saw regularly in Playgirl,
and this twofer of Rock Pamplin shows it.



  1. Did you know he is younger brother to Mike Love of the Beach Boys?

    1. Editor's note: The following appeared in my email comment feed, but did not appear in the actual comments. Yet another Google Blogger glitch, no doubt, but here it is and it's worthy of our attention:

      Randy has left a new comment on your post "Rock":

      OK, let me try this again. Rock Pamplin is not a blood relation of any of The Beach Boys. From Wikipedia: "Pamplin was -- along with Stan Love, a former NBA player and younger brother to Beach Boy Mike Love -- hired as an extrajudicial warden for Beach Boy Brian Wilson, also the Loves' cousin. Stan would later claim that he and Pamplin were asked 'to prevent [Brian's brother and the band's drummer Dennis Wilson] from providing cocaine and other dangerous drugs to Brian Wilson.' They were relieved of their services in January 1979." In addition, Pamplin worked as an "escort" to both men and women during the 90s.