Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Almost Lynes quality

The lighting and pose in this photo reminds us of PaJaMa's connection to George Platt Lynes.
If it were cropped and focused a little better, it could almost pass for one of his.



  1. Another great series, Jerry. It's​ always good to see and read about PaJaMa and their work. By strange coincidence, I picked up a copy of a 1984 book on Paul Cadmus for £1 in a charity shop this weekend. I'm not a fan of all of his work but the nudes and portraits are excellent. The book was written by Lincoln Kirstein who you'll be familiar with from the GPL biography ... if you've​ managed to stay awake that long!


    1. Yes, I managed to stay awake long enough to know who Lincoln Kirstein was . . . barely. Glad you enjoyed the series.