Thursday, April 28, 2022

Later Lynes Work

Ted's face looks a bit more rugged here than in earlier George Platt Lynes photos.  This one is dated 1954 by one of the more reputable on line resale websites.  Regarding those websites, something has been puzzling me.  By virtually all accounts, Lynes kept his frontal male nudes closely guarded and never publicly exhibited them, leaving them to the Kinsey Institute when he died.  So how are these supposedly authentic prints showing up for sale?  Someone paid $3750 for a similar, but less attractive (imo), photo in the same auction group as this.  It was known that Lynes showed his frontal nudes to some of his friends, but did he give some to them for their private enjoyment?  Just about all of those men would be deceased by now, and their estates might be selling.  Just a thought.

This is another one dated 1954, and it shows him without
 his foreskin retracted as we see in some of his photos.



  1. So many beautiful photos of Ted. In all of them he is svelte, but never what I would call physically exceptional. Yet he’s always poised, very relaxed. Also his face isn’t classically beautiful, having a slight roughness, sometimes boyish and sometimes more grave. I can see how all of those qualities might make him a valued model. But I have to add a mischievous exclamation: What a bush!

    1. Your comments are spot on, and yes, that bush is definitely worth mentioning.