Thursday, April 28, 2022

PaJaMa I - Ted and Chuck

The ponderous biography of George Platt Lynes that I've been reading (no, I'm still not done with it) says that Chuck Howard was living with Lynes around 1950.  He had previously been the lover of Lynes' friend, the artist Bernard Perlin, whom he had met during World War II.  (We'll see some of Perlin's work later in this series.)  When Ted Starkowski came upon the scene, he and Chuck ended up together, having what was described as a tempestuous affair.  Not surprisingly, Lynes' friends from the PaJaMa group took up with these two using them as photographic models and, in Ted's case, an art model.  Who knows what else was going on?  I've posted this PaJaMa piece before, but I think you'll find it worth repeating.

The chemistry came through even when they had their clothes on . . .

. . . and even more so when the clothes came off again.



  1. Mr. Howard was a really handsome guy. Clothed or nude, Ted and Chuck look so good together . There's a real warmth and intimacy between then that is captured so well in photos of them together, regardless of the tempestuous nature of their relationship. The top photo is particularly touching and beautiful.


    1. Yes, I had to repeat that top photo because it's not just the best one of them together, but a great picture even without a broader context.