Thursday, April 28, 2022

Ted by Lynes - Early

George Platt Lynes met Ted Starkowski in late 1949, likely through mutual friend Bernard Perlin.  Never one to miss an opportunity to pick up a great model, Lynes started photographing 
Ted nude right away.  The photo above from 1950 is classic top quality Lynes.

The Houston Museum of Fine Arts dates this Lynes image of Ted Starkowski at 1949.  
Ted was 22 at the time and looks older.  This is my personal favorite photo of the man.

Ted looked good from just about any angle or direction.



  1. Much as I like the nude photos of Ted, I'm with you, Jerry. The 1949 Lynes photo of Ted is my favourite too. A beautiful and enigmatic image.


    1. Yes, it reminds us that Lynes made a living, albeit tenuous at times, photographing fully clothed celebrities. The man was outstanding.