Friday, July 15, 2022


Mr. Scumbeast, despite having a vast collection of male nudes, avoided studio work by the great physique photographers such as Bruce of LA, Lon of NY, Dave Martin, and Bob Mizer of AMG.  I asked about that, and he told me that he liked natural and interactive scenes better.  The above is an example that he called "A tidbit in the garden."  The few photos by the above mentioned types that he had were not typical of them, and I don't think he even knew they were theirs.



  1. Yeah, the pic is natural, those penis bushes and their sexy body just perfect. Looks bro naked bonding time, the right guy just smiling and looking at his penis like nice penis bro

    1. How many times do you need to say "penis" in one comment? Once would have been enough.

  2. Guy on right gots nothing to be ashamed of! Just look at those goose egg sized nuts on him!

  3. While there is no denying the artistry of the best studio photographers there is something truly delightful about natural and interactive scenes such as this. This is my favourite photo in a superb and wide ranging series today. The two guys look great and are totally at ease with themselves which makes for a beautiful image ... and without wishing to offend or lower the tone both bushes and packages are superb.