Friday, July 15, 2022


Ken Suffolk had several dozen photos of men with penny-farthing bicycles.  For some reason, 
I chose to add those to my collection while passing on circus clowns, biscuit tins, hot air balloons, 
and a dozen other vintage G-rated subjects.  Always helpful, Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy felt compelled to point out that this man in a bowler hat appeared to be humping his bike.



  1. This elegant and handsome man is a delight to behold. A much better look than the lycra clad cyclists of today. I'm always impressed than anybody is able to mount and ride a penny farthing.


    1. I agree. He manages to look refined and a bit rugged at the same time.

    2. Back in the 60's we used to live in old town Orange CA .
      We rented a 2-room apartment built into the back of an old Victorian home on Olive St. owned by a Mrs.Grey. She had penny-farthing bicycles like the one seen here. They were in three sizes from a small one for kids to medium and large ones for adults.
      Her home was like a museum. In her kitchen she had a sink with gooseneck faucets from the 1920's and an old farmers sink with
      the old hand pump faucet from the 1890s (when the house was built).
      She also had an old wringer washer and a GE monitor top refrigerator from the 1930s.
      The house no longer is around. (torn-down for a tri-plex in the 70s.)
      -Rj in the IE