Thursday, October 13, 2022

Popup! Bob Kolinski by Kris Studio

Some time ago when I posted some stray photos of Bob Kolinski by Kris, several of you were keen on giving him a series, so today's popup freatures Mr. K.  We start with him lounging on a Mid-Century Modern sofa.  And before you ask, no, I have no frontals of this amazing model.



  1. The gorgeous Bob Kolinski is one of my favorites. Thanks for this series (Sagebrush Dan).

  2. Yes, the mid-century furniture was the thing to have in those days.
    We had a danish modern low slung wide chair in the 1960s. My uncle Paul who was 6'6" tall made the mistake of sitting in the chair. He had no problem getting in the chair as he had getting up off of the chair. The chair collapsed from under him when he tried to get off the chair. You should of heard him cuss that day along with him throwing parts of the chair from under him in all directions. Of course our chair was an American knock-off, not the real Scandinavian kind. (made in Oslo, Michigan or was it Copenhagen, New Jersey?) You get what you pay for.
    -Rj in the IE

    1. LOL, when those designers went ultramodern, they sometimes went for looks over engineering.