Friday, October 28, 2022

The Bob Gomel Photos, 1968

During the 1960s, Bob Gomel was one of the photographers whose work was most often seen in LIFE magazine.  In late 1968, he took these four photos of Tommy Nobis in the Falcons' locker room and sauna.  They are some of my personal favorites photos of Mr. Nobis, but for some reason, they never appeared in the magazine.  They are, however, in the LIFE Archive.  Odd, that.

The striped boxers are a treat, and Tommy looks like he's thinking, 
"Yeah, I know they think I'm just a slab of meat.  So what?"

Tommy Nobis' knee seems to be bothering him in this sauna photo.

Head coach Norm van Brocklin once referred to Tommy Nobis' area
 of the locker room as "the place our team dresses."


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