Sunday, November 20, 2022

Fun day out

Closing out the Jack Conant popup series with a charming picture of Jack with his wife (left) and two other young women.  I'm not positive, but I think this is by Bob Mizer of AMG.



  1. I read somewhere (a reliable source) Mizer did take this photo.

  2. Bob Mizer took that lovely studio portrait of Jack Conant and his wife that you published last year so it's quite likely that he took this too. They made a lovely couple and Mrs. Conant was one lucky lady!

    It's nice to see a photo of a model in a family / personal setting like this. Mr. C seems to be enjoying himself. Great pop-up, Jerry. Thanks again.


    1. Pictures like this add some depth to our understanding of these models.

  3. Could it be Muscle Beach, before it got shut down by the develpment of Pacific Ocean Park. And the swimwear, two-piece suits for women were risque and the change for men,from one-piece suits with shorts and top combined to just swimbriefs, was also a BIG change after WW2.