Sunday, November 20, 2022

Gotta be AMG

If we didn't already know that the projected bottom of his mother's punchbowl was a trademark of Bob Mizer, the outlandish props and "costume" would be a clue.  And we could be forgiven for thinking Mama Mizer custom fitted that posing pouch for Mr. Conant.  It fits that well.



  1. Did she actually do that? I have mine tailor made in Hong Kong.

    1. She made the pouches, but I somehow doubt she really got to fit them.

  2. Jack often looked like his pouch was going to burst.

  3. So theatrical, but Bob Mizer was influenced by Hollywood as anyone living in Los Ageles would be at that time. LA/Hollywood was so beautiful back in the 40s & 50s as my relatives have told me. Only bad things were the smog (it would make your eyes water and burn) and a LOT of bad drivers (you would sometimes see pre-teens driving) and also there were not very good traffic signals (the semaphore type that people in the slow lane would heed, but people in the fast lane would ignore at everyone's peril) not to mention plenty of close-calls from people making last minute left turns, you could almost have a combination stroke and heart attack, as my relatives have told me.
    As for Mr. Conant I could hear someone say, "Okay Jack before you go to the casting call at MGM make sure to wear the rest of the costume".
    -Rj inthe IE

  4. Mr Conant's physique certainly allows him to carry off the slightly odd props. I do like the punch bowl lighting effect.