Saturday, November 19, 2022


Larry Carr was known to have modeled for AMG, Denny Denfield, and Kovert of Hollywood,
but I can't find an attribution for this and about three other photos.


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  1. Could be by Bob Mizer of AMG. There's a historic home in BelAir CA that was built for film mogul Sol Wurtzel. In the early to mid 50s astrologer/clarevoyant Anthony Norvell owned the home and let Bob Mizer use the estate grounds and pool to photograph his models. You can see the home and its very unique pool in photos Mizer took of Hank Evans (Prater), Dick Du Bois, Bob McCune, and duo sessions of Keith Stephan and Sam Hunter.. There is even a film called Day Of Fury by Apollo Films with Ed Fury cavorting and posing about
    the pool area of the house. It has been mistakingly said that the home used in all this was the Getty house used in the film Sunset Boulevard. It is actually the Wurtzel estate used in the physique photographs and NOT the house used in Sunset Boulevard.The Sunset Boulevard house has rectangular pool with straight edges and Billy Wilder had to have it built for the film. The pool used in the photos by Mizer has curved scalloped edges and is the Wurtzel estate pool. The Wurtzel estate is also embellished with numerous balustrades, eloborate staircases, fountains, plinths and urns as seen in some of the physique photos and just like the one Larry Carr is standing on.
    -Rj inthe IE