Monday, December 5, 2022

Clarence Ross

The staffs don't match in this photo of the amazingly built Clarence Ross, winner of Mr. America and Mr. USA in the postwar years.  He is one of a relative few of Russ Warner's models who apparently could not be induced to pose frontally nude, although we have a derriere shot which can be seen here on the blog at:


  1. Clancy Ross, a LEGEND in his time. (1923-2008)
    One of the most incredible physiques in bodybuilding. (and with NO steroids)
    Mr America 1945, Mr Pro America 1946, Mr USA 1948, North American Champion 1949,Mr Universe-Pro 1955. Bodybuilders at that time used him for their template. -Too bad he did no frontal posing, a gift like that bod should be shared. -Rj/IE

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  3. Jerry, I found a shot of Clarence Ross on "male models vintage beefcake," where he is naked. It isn't full frontal, but you can see his penis sticking out (not hard) in front of him. It is credited to Russ Warner.

    1. Yes, I have that picture. Somehow, it doesn't register as full frontal in my mind, lol.