Friday, December 2, 2022


This was labeled "Rochester" and may be set at a lake or swimming hole near there.  Given the number of cars, I'd say it was a popular spot.  The men would appear to be part of a local swim team.



  1. That has to be Rochester, New York State, because the car in the background is a left hand drive. The new Rochester would have been named after its namesake of Rochester, Kent, capital of one of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of England. The name is a corruption of Robrivis Cæster, being originally Durobrivis. Cæster derives from castrum, the Latin for castle and was originally a Roman settlement..

    I would lay money on it that these two young bucks are sporting the livery of one of the colleges in the town. And I thought they didn't make grandpas like that in my day. Mr Gatsby eat your heart out.

    What an absolutely fabulous photograph!

  2. Could be anywhere, there are 19 Rochesters in the USA.
    The men may have been lifeguards, going by the tans and tan-lines
    The photo looks like it was taken between 1916-1922, going by the styling of the cars. America's been car-crazy for years, and a scene back then with all those cars would not be out of place even in small town America.