Monday, January 9, 2023

Odd hand position

Von Gloeden took this one in the woods somewhere . . . or someone's overgrown backyard.
I can't quite figure out what the position of the models' hands signifies.
Disclosure:  I electronically removed yellowing and low contrast.



  1. The Italians in the North tend to be taller and fairer. This is because they are a mixture of Goth and Lombard, Germanic peoples who migrated at the fall of the Roman Empire to mix with the indigenous Latin tribes. The people of the South are historically still a majority Greek and ancient Latin mix, much smaller, darker with very compact and well-proportioned bodies such as these models above. I doubt if their looks have changed much in two millennia. This is like looking at history.

    1. When I asked an elderly Verona business contact in 1996 why there was such a difference between the north and south, he explained it much as you describe, Julian. Then he added, "It was even more pronounced before the 1950s when so many moved north for factory jobs." I got the idea from his tone that he didn't like Southerners.

  2. Hints of the three Graces? I rather like that hand position. It also helps show off the right-hand model's chest. The left-hand model has a much more "northern" look. Perhaps a friend or visitor who fancies modelling?