Monday, January 9, 2023

Point and frond

I don't quite get the purpose of the palm frond over the shoulder, but it's a nice picture of two attractive men.  The guy at right is a personal favorite, and of course, photos of him are scarce.



  1. This is fabulously dreamy. Henry VIII and Oliver Cromwell having destroyed much of England's Mediaeval patrimony, the fact that you can go back with continuity two millennia and more in Italy was something that hit me most decidedly. There are parts of southern Italy where you do just simply turn a corner and encounter a scene like this - but usually without the naked men. This image conjures up such atmosphere.

    1. "Dreamy" describes it well. The amount of intentional cultural vandalism in the UK's history is shocking. Henry was bad enough, but Cromwell & Co. had to come along and add their bit. And then there were well meaning attempts at restorations in the 18th and 19th Centuries that only made matters worse in some instances.

  2. This is gorgeous. As if the citizens of Pompeii had returned.