Sunday, January 22, 2023

Palestinian Sam

This furball is Palestinian Sam, and he did a memorable photo set with Old Reliable and his legendary god awful plaid sofa.  That sofa appears again and again in David Hurles' work, and it probably would have been condemned by the board of health if they had known about it.  At least in this case there was a towel to catch the various oils and fluids flying about.  Is that a bandaid on his arm?



  1. Looks like it... and in just the place they take blood.

    1. I thought so, too. Donating plasma or blood used to be a way street types could make some cash.

  2. they don't make bandaids in "extra swarthy" Dee Exx

  3. This is Palestinian Sam as photographed by David Hurles for his Old Reliable Studio. You can see more of Sam on my blog at:

    You can, also, see his video at: