Friday, February 10, 2023

The Male Figure - Summer 1957

The Tim T. Collection III

Today I am sharing the extraordinary generosity of collector and blog viewer Tim T. for the third time.  Tim sent me his amazing collection of classic physique magazines not long after Bill D. one of whose contributions we saw about 10 days ago.  This time we will look at Bruce of LA's magazine, The Male Figure from Summer of 1957.  You will immediately notice a difference in style from Bob Mizer's Physique Pictorial.  There's less advertising and none of Mr. Mizer's cheeky commentary.  There are, however, some very classy photos, including some by Lyle Frisby that I had never seen before.  Once again, I am posting page sets separately so that you can comment on them, but I will not be captioning them.  They speak for themselves.  So sit back and enjoy some of the best of the posing strap era.

My heartfelt thanks to Tim T. for donating his amazing collection.  More to come.

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