Tuesday, March 21, 2023

George Platt Lynes Triple Feature

Today we will have a three part series on the work of George Platt Lynes, shown above with his dog.  We will be looking at celebrities, seminudes, and nudes in that order.



  1. My mother's first cousin had hair like that. No, I don't mean GPL, the dog. I turned up one weekend to help out when her husband was in his last days, to find her with amazingly beautiful, long platinum hair, held up by a tortoiseshell slide. She looked as if she had just walked out of a Hollywood set. She came back two hours later looking like a Brillo pad, ready to scour pans again.

    1. The transformation would have impressive in either direction.

  2. This is an amazing series… Thank you

  3. Un portrait si précieux et fantaisiste de Platt-Lynes et de son chien de compagnie, même leurs cheveux correspondent ! Le portrait est à la fois ravissant et sombre.