Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Lynes Day, Part 1 - Celebrities

George Platt Lynes got his start in commercial photography by taking pictures of some of the luminaries of his time such as authors, artists, designers, architects, and actors.  Part one of our triple feature shows a sampling of those, starting with this photo of acclaimed English author E.M. Forster and his lover Bob Buckingham, a married policeman whose wife obligingly looked after both of them.  Forster had previously had an affair with Harry Daley, another police officer whom he described as "too indiscrete."  Harry was openly gay while a cop from 1925-1950.  I would have stuck with Harry.  Put Harry's name in the search box at lower right, and you'll see why.



  1. E M Forster was so well respected and his work so popular - earning him the Order of Merit - that I am sure his reputation protected Bob Buckingham. Forster did not hide his sexuality either, but it was a strange experience to watch an entire obituary programme on BBC on the night of his death in 1970 which did not mention it at all. His ashes were mingled with Buckingham's and they both rest in the Rose Garden of Coventry Cemetery. This portrait would, I am sure, have captured the way they would have been seen and thought of when together. Maurice, his gay love story, was published posthumously in 1971 in accordance with his will. It is based on two of his friends and events in 1913 and examines the British class system and hypocrisy - two of Forster's major themes.

    1. The BBC might have still been following the "old" rules of journalism when they did that obit. Lots of things got overlooked under that system, but it was well on the way out by 1970, at least in the USA and private press.