Sunday, March 5, 2023


We get a slightly pouting look here from Mike Elkins.



  1. Now this image of Mike Elkins I do remember. When you have a typically slim runner's build, you can as a youth get quite intimidated with all that muscle. I think Mike Elkins pleased because he was more like me. It is only all these years on that I can appreciate the light and contrast...

    1. I was a skinny kid, and so were a lot of others in my school. The PE teacher sold this vile commercial concoction on the side that was supposed to help one gain weight. It didn't work and turned out to be a scam with some dodgy ingredients. He'd probably be fired or sent to jail for doing that today.

    2. And rightly so... When I was attending the sports clinic it was before the days of fast food and junk food. (We had the greasy spoon and something called a "short order chef" which weren't all bad.) Dr Schoffield believed in a down-to-earth Victorian diet - meals at regular times, never too much, and a main meal of "meat and two veg". No one was expected to put on weight beyond his natural propensities. If you were a weight lifter, it was because you had the natural bulk. If you were a runner, it was because you had a runner's build. I was fortunate at boarding school to be in the country where small holders and local farms supplied the school daily with fresh, fresh food - there was even a dairy that produced butter (which was allowed me because Dr S did not approve of polyunsaturated fats). It had to be salted to keep during the long Summer vacs. We even had butter - with home grown parsley on our new potatoes. Miss Webb, our cook, was a near miracle worker. So I was in very safe hands, a world away from all the scams and body building products and, ultimately, steroids.

    3. Fortunately, I got a good diet at home as we produced a lot of our food ourselves. In addition to all those cattle on the ranch, we always had a vegetable garden, chickens, and some fruit trees. I remember begging my mother to buy pork chops because I was tired of steak alternating with fried chicken. Yes, I ate fried chicken every other day and couldn't gain weight. I even made sandwiches which consisted of half an inch of home churned butter between two slabs of bread.