Friday, March 10, 2023

Skinny Dipping Art

Skinny dipping is a favorite topic around here, and in a return to my past practice 
of posting art on Fridays, I am doing a series of men bathing together nude.  
We go way back to 1655 for our first piece, Bathing Men by Michael Sweerts.


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  1. Standard fixtures for the time, here. All the Arcadian tropes are present, whether it is bathing men or Echo and Narcissus. Beautifully executed, of course, but they used to churn these things out faster than a dairymaid.

    Talking of dairies, did you hear that Chaim Topol had passed away (aged 87)? I saw him as Tevye the Dairyman in Fiddler on the Roof at His Majesty's Theatre in 1967. I can't remember now what we were doing but my father went into the box office on a whim and managed to get two returns - a near miracle given that it was the sold out hit of the day. They were the cheapest seats in the house, right up on the left in the gods. When it came to If I Were A Rich Man, Tevye talks to heaven. There Topol was, this magnetic personality, talking right at me as if I had been the only person there. It was one of the most magical performances I have ever seen. At the time, we didn't know that Topol way back then could not speak English and had learned both songs and dialogue by wrote with a speech coach. He got a standing ovation that night. He'd earned it.