Monday, April 10, 2023

With a friend

I've seen this picture of Ed Fury and a rather large donkey attributed to AMG,
but I was not aware that Mizer's Menagerie ever included one of those.
This looks more like something from Bruce Bellas' ranchito.
I actually think they're both quite handsome and engaging. 



  1. Yes, I agree but I have this nonetheless attributed to AMG.

    1. Well, that settles that, thank you. I don't think the burro would have been happy in Mizer's urban compound. Hopefully, he was borrowed and/or housed elsewhere.

    2. I have Dennis Lavia shot by AMG riding Burro Willie. I seem to remember reading that there was some sort of out-of-town ranch but I now can't remember the details off the top of my head. Yes, Willie does look a handsome beast. He reminds me of a donkey I knew as a boy who lived along one of the walks my dog and I took. By the time we met he was already old and you could see from his back that he had been a beast of burden but he was in good health with bright eyes and instead of selling him to the slaughterhouse for dog food, the farmer had given him a retirement field with a wooden shack for shelter. He had good hearing and used to ee-aw as we came round the corner of the cabbage field in anticipation of the carrots I used to feed him. Happy memories all round.

    3. We had a burro on the ranch where I grew up named Alvin after one of my uncles. He was smarter than the horses and learned how to open the most common type of gate latch that we used. This led to some interesting escapes that usually involved getting access to more desirable food opportunities. My old man got mad and changed a lot of those latches, but he was secretly amused by Alvin, whose job it was to pack heavy gear into a remote corner of the ranch with no passable road. Alvin was retired when we finally invested in a Jeep, but like your donkey friend, he was given a luxe retirement with frequent portions of oats and sweet potatoes. By our best reckoning, Alvin lived to be 37 years old.

  2. Amazing ass! Go on, someone had to say it :-)