Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Picasso and O'Reilly

Before you jump to conclusions, let's be clear.  This photo montage was made over 10 years after Picasso died.  John O'Reilly (the"model" here) is known for his collages and photomontages which have been described as "mysterious, erudite, and confounding."  In this one he includes an image of himself nude, something he has done on other occasions.  He is apparently still living and occasionally working at age 93.  I may give him his own series, but get ready.  It's wierd.



  1. I knew one of Picasso's chef in France. The stories he used to tell. Picasso lived in the South of France and would eat at the most expensive restaurants on the Côte d'Azur. In order to avoid all the hangers-on, flatterers and social climbers, his chef used to drive him in the evenings in a very old, beaten up Renault that sounded like a bag of nails. None of the great and the good could imagine he was inside and so they ignored him.

    1. It somehow seems ironic to have the chef, of all people, drive him to eat out in a restaurant. Great story!