Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Double Feature, Posing Pairs, Part 1 - Same Model, Same Day

In the past, I've posted academic drawings side by side where the same model was drawn by different artists in a single session.  Today we'll have a double feature with the same concept, but with paintings, in the first part.  The second part will have different models in similar poses.  We start with matching pieces from 1870 by Chartran and Ferrier.  Another work by Ferrier appears later.



  1. They are all wonderful, but this is my favourite. The model, the pose,beautiful and effortless.

    1. I agree, and for some reason I like the one on the right a bit more.

  2. Wow, this is wonderful, Jerry. Excellent research. They neatly show the unique view that each of the artists gets. Within this, there will several "sweet spots" where the pose is most aesthetically pleasing. There is always much repositioning at the start of the pose. Personally, I tend to ask the tutor and the artists, especially the ones at the ends, in what is usually a semicircle, if the pose works for them. Adjusting as necessary to achieve the best view for all.