Friday, August 18, 2023

End of an era

Toward the end of the onesie era, the necklines and back lines got lower, and there were even cutouts in the tops, as seen above.  The modesty flap was long gone, and bigger changes were coming.  The late 1920s fellow below got by with a detachable top and a very revealing bottom.


  1. The cut down style as above top, had a brief life because bare-chested swimming soon made them look a little coy and even silly. But they were a vital stage in the breaking down of irrational Victorian prudishness. It must be emphasized that these suits were only ever used for public swimming. Men would normally swim nude in all-male sporting environments.

    1. Very worth mentioning the all-male venues' lack of suits. Thanks!

  2. The second one works best, and you still see it today on beaches.